October 8, 2011

Whitfield Lovell

Absolut Lovell
Guide My Heart

Whitfield Lovell was born in New York in 1959 and it still living today. He is known to be an African American painter and installation artist. I really like his artwork because of the story behind each of them. He paints portraits of African Americans on a piece of wood and then adds an every day object to lay in front of the portraits that represents their lives somehow. While he uses old wood or other objects there's a sense of time moving forward in his pieces. For example, Patience, the girl is clearly dressed in a dress that was made way before the stereo was yet the pieces flow so well together. I chose to do Whitfield Lovell because something about his artwork is very attractive to me and just makes me want to look at the portrait until I know what the person's story is. I love his use of wood and charcoal and it's really interesting how he can make these life sized portraits!


  1. I really like this. These look so real and the message behind it speaks volumes

  2. The things I really like about this artist is that you get an old timey feel and how the use of wood comes into play makes the art even more interesting.