October 20, 2011

Ann Hamilton

(aleph · video) 1992/93

Color-toned video and LCD screen, with sound

linings · video (1990/93)

Color-toned video and LCD screen, silent

between taxonomy and communion (1990/1996)

Steel table, iron oxide powder, and approximately 14,000 human and animal teeth

the capacity of absorption · video (1988/93)

Color-toned video and LCD screen

untitled (dissections . . . they said it was an experiment) 1988/93

Color-toned video and LCD screen

Ann Hamilton was best known for her large-scale installation laden with many different meanings behind it. She translates her social life to personal lived experiences as well as her pass history experience. With her expression of experience, she works through memories and use her body in videos to express herself. Since 1980s, she has created more than 60 installations that includes sculpture, architecture,video, the spoken and written words with human presence. Her artwork expression is based on her knowledge of pass time and she expresses them by inanimate objects.

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