October 11, 2011

Cornelia Parker

'Neither from nor Towards'
retrieved bricks from collapsed house
charred remains
flattened brass musical instruments
'Alter Ego'
silver plated objects
'Cold Dark Matter'
garden shed, blown up contents
British sculptor Cornelia Parker, was born in 1956 in Cheshire, England. Cornelia's work is very poetic and depicts a stand still in time, which in reality we have no control over. Clearly, she uses wire to suspend her work, representing time between 'now and then'. She makes many references to cartoons and tries to catch objects and moments rights before they are lost. A lot of her sculpting is consisted of remains, for example 'Neither from nor Towards' is made of bricks retrieved from an eroded house on Dover cliff, which fell into the beach. Some of her pieces have a very dark feeling to them. 'Mass' is constructed from charred pieces of a church in Texas, that was burnt down after being struck with lightening. The last piece pictured at the bottom 'Cold Dark Matter' is in some way similar to Mass. This piece started with a garden shed that was exploded, remains were collected a carefully arragned. The light bulb inside is one that was found fully intact inside the remains of the shed. I think the materials she uses tells a more detailed story than just looking at her work. I find it unusually interesting. 


  1. this is a super neat contraption

  2. I like how she uses many little pieces and put them together to form an image. Her "neither from nor towards" I thought was very neat.

  3. Her art works seems like it would be a very tedious process but the outcome is a very powerful piece.

  4. She is my favorite artist from the chapter. The piece "alter ego" is lighthearted, yet aesthetically pleasing. Several of her sculptures seem to resemble the appearance of a chandelier.