October 31, 2011

Lawrence Weiner

Red Sails in the Sunset

Pushed Forward/Close By/Pushed Aside/Close By/With Graceful Haste

Niter and Brimestone Kept Apart

Steel Pennies That Did Not Come From Heaven Strewn

Wave After Wave

Lawrence Weiner is one of the most significant and iconic artists of our generation. Throughout his practice he has pursued inquiries into language and a radical redefinition of the artist/viewer relationship. Translating his investigations into linguistic structures and visual systems across varied formats and manifestations, he has produced books, films, videos, performances and audio works. The belief at the core of Lawrence Weiner's work is that art is a material reality between human beings and objects and between sets of objects in relation to human beings. Weiner considers language to be a sculptural material and believes that a construction in language can function as sculpture as adequately as a fabricated object. His statement of intent published in 1969 states:
The Artist May Construct The Work, The Work May Be Fabricated, The Work Need Not Be Built, and Each Being Equal And Consistent With The Intent Of The Artist The Decision As To Condition Rests With The Receiver Upon The Occasion Of Receivership.
As a proposition or statement, each work need not be confined to an existence in one realised form, place or time but might be constructed in different contexts.

Gerald Murphy

Cocktail, Oil on Canvas, 1927
Watch, Oil on Canvas, 1925
Wasp and Pear, Oil on canvas, 1929
Razor, Oil on canvas,1924
Doves, Oil on canvas, 1925
I have always been one to enjoy making collages which means I can really appreciate Murphy's work as something beautiful and hard to achieve.  He isn't just putting pictures together, he is painting several layers of depth within his collages some contain words, and all represent many objects you would find in life.  My favorite of his pieces would have to Wasp and Pear.  I really love how he uses color and mechanics to create such a pleasing piece.  I really thought that Murphy was a great choice for this weeks chapter because without using language, or by only using a little, he provides so much conceptual thoughts.  I also really love admiring his clean lines and precise technique. He is a great artist.

Xu Bing

Series of Repetition, 1987, Works on Paper

Bustling Village on the Water, 1981, Woodblock on Paper

Stone Path, 2008, carved stones

Bird Cages, 2003, Metal cages, motion sensors, fake birds

Art for the People, 1999, Silk

Nina Katchadourian

Natural Crossdressing
C-print, 40 x 30 inches, 2002

Carla and a Friend I
C-print, 24 x 24 inches, 2002

Artificial Insemination
C-print, 20 x 20 inches, 1998

"Quit Using Us"
C-print mounted to aluminum, 18 x 96 inches, 2002

Seat Assignment
Photographs, digital images, video and sound (2010 and ongoing)