October 31, 2011

Kay Rosen

"Intersection," 2009, Klosterfelde, Berlin (room 1), Kay Rosen: You and Your Landscapes!

"Never Odd Or Even," Permanent Installation, Indianapolis Museum of Art, 2005

"Blurred," wall painting, Klosterfelde, Berlin, 2005, Kay Rosen: (No) Comment

Hello Again, Spertus Museum, Chicago, 2006

"Go Miami/Amigo Miami," banner, Art Basel Miami Beach, 2002

Kay Rosen is an American artist who earned a degree in linguistics and uses words, letters, and various typefaces as a form of art. Her works have been described as being translucent and at times producing a "time-release effect." Her work is unique in that rather than pictures to describe meaning and emotions, she uses simple words to describe what pictures cannot.

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