October 30, 2011

Buzz Spector

Big Red C Interior dye diffusion print (polaroid) 22 x 35 inches

murmur/echo Ink on handmade paper 28 x 40 inches (Diptych)

Life Mask Interior dye diffusion print (polaroid) 31 x 22 inches

My Fiction Interior dye diffusion prints (polaroid) 66 x 72 inches (overall size)

My Ruscha Interior dye diffusion print (polaroid) 22 x 26 inches

Buzz Spector is an American artist and critical writer whose well known work of arts have been featured in art museums and galleries such as The Art Institute of Chicago, LA County Museum of Art, Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, and many other well-known art institutes and galleries. He is well known for his work involving books and the written art. The pictures that I chose to display above are those that I felt had great meaning to today's society. They each involve the usage of books or written works. Like what we learn in modern day, books are a powerful source of knowledge. They tell stories of ourselves, our history and our world. Ultimately, they are the definitive source of language and voice. Before the existence of strong technology such as the internet, books served as the primary ultimate source for uncovering a nation's history and uncovering the dominant knowledge that exists today. The artwork I chose to display above features a lot of the critical thinking I have learned in my experience as an educated student. I love that Spector shows the power a simple book can have and the metaphorical meaning behind the strong, prevailing source books and the written language can have. Spector's common usage of books and the written art clearly portrays his belief in "knowledge is power" and his belief in the strength of language and the written art.

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