October 18, 2011

Patricia Piccinini

Nature’s Little Helpers - Bodyguard (for the Golden Helmeted Honeyeater), 2004
silicon, fibreglass, leather, plywood, hair
150 × 40 × 60cm

Undivided, 2004
silicone, human hair, flannelette,
mixed medium
101 × 74 × 127cm

The Offering, 2009
silicone, animal fur, lambskin

Foundling, 2008
silicone, human hair, polyester, nylon, wool, glass, plastic
37 × 66 × 41cm
Plinth dimensions: 50 x 80 x 80 cm
Edition of 3 + 1 A/P

The Long Awaited, 2008
silicon, fibreglass, human hair, plywood, leather, clothing
152 × 80 × 92cm
Edition of 3 + 1 A/P

Patricia Piccinini arrived in Australia in 1972 with her family. She initially studied economic history before enrolling at art school in Melbourne. Since 1991 her work has been exhibited around the world, including the Berlin Biennale 2001 and in Songs of the Earth in Kassell, in 2000.

Piccinini works in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, video, sound, installation and digital prints. She enjoys exploring what she calls ‘the often specious distinctions between the artificial and the natural’. The concepts that underpin modern science, such as genetic engineering and other forms of biotechnology, appear to fascinate her.

Piccinini enjoys the fictions and mutability of the ideas of perfection. The contrasts and relationships that exist between the natural, organic and constructed worlds suggest to her the potential of the marriage of human physiology and technological development.

Information on Patricia Piccinini was found on http://www.patriciapiccinini.net/essay.php/?id=2

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