October 30, 2011

Lorna Simpson

She, 1992, 4 Polaroid prints, 1 engraved plastic plaque, 29 x 85 1/4 inches overall.

Figure, 1991, Gelatin silver print, 8 engraved plastic plaques.
Photograph 75 x 43 1/8 inces (framed), 75 x 43 1/8 inches overall.

Waterbearer, 1986 , Gelatin silver print, vinyl lettering.
Photograph 45 x 77 (framed), 55 x 77 inches overall.

You're Fine, 1988, 4 color Polaroid prints, 15 engraved plastic plaques,
21 ceramic pieces (19 letters, 2 apostrophes). 40 x 103 inches overall.

Stereo Styles, 1988. 10 Polaroid prints, 10 engraved plastic plaques.
Photographs 35 x 31 inces each, plaques 3 x 6 inches each, 66 x 116 inches overall.

Lorna Simpson was born in 1960 in Brooklyn, New York. She received her BFA in Photography from the School of Visual Arts, New York, and her MFA from the University of California, San Diego. She first became best known for her large-scale photograph-and-text works in the mid 1980s. She started producing work that engaged the conceptual vocabulary of the time by creating crafted documents that are as clean and spare as the closed, cyclic systems of meaning they produce. Her work consists of a variety view of gender, identity, culture, history, and memory.

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