October 19, 2011

Roxy Paine

New Work PMU #2 , 2001

acylic on canvas on wood frame

The Tree, 2009

Paint Dipper, 1997

steel frame, dipping tank, acylic paint, computer, interface, relays, chair

Machinations, 2010

Distillation 2010

stainless steel, glass, paint, pigment

Distillation, 2010

stainless steel, glass, paint, pigment

Roxy Paine was born in New York in 1966 and can be found in Brooklyn and Treadwell today. He studied at the College of Santa Fe and Pratt Institute. He has been featured all around the world, and in many very well known art museums in the United States. This includes the Hirshorn in DC and MoMA in New York. Many of his works reflect earth-like scenes like large scale trees while juxtaposing it with machinery.

As soon as I found this artist in the chapter, I wanted to do a blog post about him. I actually have already seen one of his works on the rooftop of the Met in New York! It's called Maelstrom and it was featured a couple years ago. It is an amazing piece of work and I took a photo in front of it!
(I apologize it's all the way at the top, I am having trouble trying to move it down here!)

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  1. Roxy Paine's work all seems to have style from the pictures posted but the peice known ass The Tree has a different theme compared to the other. I particularly prefer that piece to the others because of the simplicity of the piece yet she included such vibrant colors for the leaves or objects coming off the tree. This makes me think of the transition of seasons and how the color of trees changes so frequently that often it's hard for us to notice the details everyday, she used the vibrant colors to attract the eye of the observers and force them to take in the beauty that surrounds them everyday. That would be my interpretation of the piece.