October 12, 2011

Judy Baca

'Oliver North' 1986, oil stick on paper
'The Sacred Heart' 1983, oil pastel on paper
'La Mestiza' 1991, pastel on paper
'Face of the Goddess' 1985, pastel and oil stick on paper
 'Great Wall of Los Angeles' 1976-2003, acrylic on concrete

World renowned artist, Judy Baca was born on September 20,1946 in Los Angeles, California. Baca's work mostly focuses on the lives of the unprivileged. Her work consists of several murals, paintings, drawings, monuments, and  mixed media. Baca expresses her art work through the different challenges that have occurred through history and preserves them for the future generations. "Collaborative art brings a range of people into conversations about their visions for their neighborhoods and their nations.  Finding a place for those ideas in monuments that are constructed of the soil and spirit of the people is the most challenging task for public artists in this time.", this is one of Baca's most famous quotes because describes how she feels about her art work and how she would like people to perceive it. 


  1. The great wall of los angeles is an amazing mural, i think she captured 'time' very well with the history she portrays

  2. I admire this artists work, a great job at capturing time in its present state. I also enjoy the use of bright colors she uses-different from many of the other artist from this chapter.