October 11, 2011

Brian Tolle

"Twisted Chimney", this structure was constructed in Butetown, Rhymney Valley. The sculpture is to frame the view of the surrounding valley. This was to represent the history of the land and to have a big impact on those who would come accross it. Brian ensured that this wasnt an item to be missed by consturcting it at a very large scale.

"Outgrown", this offers a creative look of the unformity of a American Dream Home. The comformity of the different objects to to represent the comformity of a individuals identity.

"Portraits Hoboken" this artwork was Brian Tolle and Frederic Schwartz work. This is structure is meant to represent two communities that will forever be linked by the river that unites them: Hoboken and the skyline of Lower Manhattan. This structure is in memorial to September 11.
This structure is 45 by 100 foot rectangular shaped structure that frames where the Twin Towers once stood and where the site's new buildings were expected to be built.

"The Tempest". This peice of art was installed at Collins Park in Miami Beach. This was a contribute to the "Art in Public Places" series, Brian saw Miami as a location that was physically and culturally shaped by the sea. Brian describes this structure as, "Sculpture of shimmering blue green expanse, which appears to have been carved from the sea, frozen in space and times, in the form of a swirling celestial maze." Brian allows his visitors to engange in this art but allowing them to wander and explore the waves structures as close as possible.

This is a Irish Hunger Memorial in Manhattan, its dedicated to raising awareness of the Great Irish Famine that killed millions in Ireland in 1845-1852. This structure includes utilized stones, soil, and native vegetation brought from the western coast of Ireland. They incorporated stones from all over Ireland to represent the recreating of Irish unity.

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  1. The tempest is really nice, and a perfect piece to put outdoors and get a close detailed look