October 26, 2011

Kay Rosen

Kay Rosen

"Manaña Man," 2011, latex paint on wall, Linde Family Wing, Museum of Fine Arts,


"Justified," 2008, Yvon Lambert Gallery, New York, Kay Rosen: Scareful!

"55x2,"2005, latex paint on concrete walkway, Pierwalk, Chicago, 2005; Detail

"Star-Spangled," Whitney Biennial 2000

"Sp-spit-it Out,"Sp-spit-it Out," 1988, 32" x 20" 1988, 2" x 20"

Kay Rosen is an artist who was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, and who lives most of the time in Gary, Indiana. She teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and exhibits nationally and internationally.  Language has accounted for the image, the subject and the source of her work for a long time. These visual concerns may not have much to do with linguistic structure, but they are capable of structuring and affecting meaning.  An academic background in comparative linguistics, applied linguistics, and Spanish and French provided a rigorous method and discipline for scrutinizing the smallest mechanisms by which language operates and for dissecting and analyzing almost invisible components of language.




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