October 31, 2011

Gerald Murphy

Cocktail, Oil on Canvas, 1927
Watch, Oil on Canvas, 1925
Wasp and Pear, Oil on canvas, 1929
Razor, Oil on canvas,1924
Doves, Oil on canvas, 1925
I have always been one to enjoy making collages which means I can really appreciate Murphy's work as something beautiful and hard to achieve.  He isn't just putting pictures together, he is painting several layers of depth within his collages some contain words, and all represent many objects you would find in life.  My favorite of his pieces would have to Wasp and Pear.  I really love how he uses color and mechanics to create such a pleasing piece.  I really thought that Murphy was a great choice for this weeks chapter because without using language, or by only using a little, he provides so much conceptual thoughts.  I also really love admiring his clean lines and precise technique. He is a great artist.

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