October 19, 2011

Lita Albequerque

Beekeeper 2005

Celestial Source Fountain, Los Angeles Grand Hope Park, 1993

Spine of the Earth 1980

Stellar Suspension 2008

Stellar Axis: Antarctica, Installation View, 2006

Lita Albuquerque was born in Santa Monica, California but then moved overseas and was raised in Tunisia and France. She received her BFA at UCLA. A lot of her pieces are large scale interactions that force the viewer to explore themes like the cosmos and connectivity by placing the viewer in outlandish environments and inserting familiar objects. This connection with the environment opens up a world of possibilities. Some of her pieces like Beekeeper eliminate the pure nature of the subject and replace it with a surreal and white-noise like appearance. Lita has been a faculty member of the Art Center College of Design near Pasadena, CA for the past twenty years.


  1. When I look at some of the work displayed in chapter 5- place some make it more difficult to see the impact of the location of the art work and how the location can truly change the view of the piece all together. This artwork here I feel would have a big impact on the interpretation of the work depending on the location of where the art is presented. I feel these pieces could not just be placed in any type of room or any type of light, because you wouldn't get the same view of the piece. Even just seeing photos of the pieces your not getting the entire view and interpretation the artists may be trying to get across.

  2. I really liked how the first painting, Beekeeper looked. It looked like rain drops on the person.
    The last two pieces made me wonder what the blue sphere represented. I kinda felt that they were people, especially in Stellar Suspension.