October 12, 2011

Heide Fasnacht

"Off Track" 2007, Contact Paper, Pantone.
"R.E.M. IV" 1996-97, Graphite on Paper.

"Demo" 2000, Neoprene Styrofoam, Urethane Foam, Graphite, Pigment. "Jump Zone" 2008, Tape, Styrofoam, Neoprene.
"Exploding Plane" 2000, Graphite over Neoprene.

The artist Heide Fasacht was born 1951 in Cleveland, Ohio. Heide Fasacht captures the beauty in catastrophe with her intricate, freeze-frame sculptures. Her work is instantaneous, detailed, and captures a split second in time. Fasnacht compares the biological to the physical sciences. Her work displays two and three dimensional sculptures, and drawings, of images in moments of time that otherwise would only last in the blink of an eye.



  1. I really enjoy this artist's work! I am quite fond of photography, particularly action photography so I really relate to her pieces of taking an instant in time and making it last forever!

  2. I agree, I also love her work. Her use of space tricks the eye a little bit and make makes for a very action filled freeze frame.

  3. The piece "Off Track" was very interesting in that how the artist used the corner of the wall to create something that will only look flat and straight when people look at it from a certain angle.

  4. All the pieces force me to think about them.... Most of them cause me to be confused I am unsure as to how to enterpret them which makes me enjoy them even more because there is almost a mystery affect for myself as to what this artist was thinking was creating such pieces.