October 10, 2011

Matthew Ritchie

The Universal Cell (2005)
The Universal Adversary (2006)
Oil and marker paintings, animated projections,lightboxs with backlight photographic prints, and sculptures powdercoated almunium and stainless steel
The Hiearchy Problem(2003)
Acrylic wall drawing,rbber and tyvek carpet,photgraphic light box, and oil and marker painting
Self-Portrait in 2064(2003)
Oil and marker
No Sign of the World(2004)
Oil and marker

Matthew Ritchie is an artist born in London, England, now residing in New York.He is an artist mostly known as a painter. His works based on his drawings that he scans and blows them up into three-dimensional figures, then reshapes. " Ritchies work deals with the idea of information being "on the surface", and information is also the subjet of his work. His work itself consists of paintings, wall drawings, light boxes, sculptures, and projections. His first solo show "Working Model brought him into the contemporary art world where he intertwined historical and ideoligical belief systems as a common thread. Since his first show he has blossomed as an artist and continues to make art by thinking out of the box and taking ordinary things to the next level.

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