August 6, 2011

Marcel Duchamp (NAME OF ARTIST)

Post 5 images of work by an artist mentioned in the chapter assigned to your section. See schedule for details and the syllabus for detailed instructions. 

Remember - Check the blog before you post! You may not post about an artist that someone else has already covered. Redundant posts will be given half-credit. So, check the blog before you post!!!


for example:

In Advance of a Broken Arm -  1915
Shovel, string
Fountain - 1917
Urinal, signature

Bottle Rack - 1914
Bottle rack

Bicycle Wheel - 1913
Bicycle wheel, stool

Rrose Selavy - 1921
Photograph by Man Ray

This can be your own musings and opinions, some biographical information, further explanation of the works you chose, or can be quoted from an outside source. ****If you quote something, you MUST cite it. I will deduct heartily for unattributed quotes!

"The art and ideas of Duchamp, perhaps more than those of any other 20th-century artist, have served to exemplify the range of possibilities inherent in a more conceptual approach to the art-making process. Not only is his work of historical importance—from his early experiments withCubism to his association with Dada and Surrealism—but his conception of the ready-made decisively altered our understanding of what constitutes an object of art. Duchamp refused to accept the standards and practices of an established art system, conventions that were considered essential to attain fame and financial success: he refused to repeat himself, to develop a recognizable style or to show his work regularly. It is the more theoretical aspects implicit to both his art and life that have had the most profound impact on artists later in the century, allowing us to identify Duchamp as one of the most influential artists of the modern era."