October 10, 2011

Hung Liu

Haitang Gold (2010)
Mixed media on panel

Little Lama (2009)
Cotton Jacquard Tapestry

A Third World (1993)
Oil on Canvas, gold leaf on wood

Last Emperor (2009)
Cotton Jacquard Tapestry

White (2009)
Oil on Canvas

Hung Liu was born in China in 1948. Hung Liu lived in China during Mao's regime. Like many others in China at that time, she had to be re-educated and only draw art that glorified Mao's rule. Eventually, she and her family fled China from Mao's Communist rules. (The third painting in my list is about Communism and Capitalism.) During this time, Hung Liu became passionate about fading Emperor's sad expression and people's hopelessness. ( The fourth and second painting.) On July 1976, Hung Liu went back to China to paint landscapes and experienced the Sichuan Earthquake that killed 90,000 people. From this, Hung Liu was able to witness people's mourning, grieving, and many other vivid expressions. (The last paintinng from this experience.)


  1. I really like how he captures the different people in the different areas. You can really see the heart attack in some of them and the hard times they had. It's amlost as though its telling a story but just looking at their faces.

  2. The facial expressions in the people depict a very sad story. To me it shows the sadness and pain they have endured.