September 27, 2011

Zoe Leonard

Diesel, 1998-2007, Dye Transfer Print
Mister Chicken,1998-2007, Dye Transfer Print 
TV Wheelbarrow,1998-2007, Dye Transfer Print
Smile, 1998-2007, Dye Transfer Print
Untitled, 1989, Gelatin Silver Print
After reviewing this weeks section I realized that a good majority of the artists were unknown to me.  I began by checking out all the artists as a whole and from there I chose.   To be completely honest this section was not my favorite conceptually, and I definitely did not value the artwork.  What I did value was the fact that for the first time I can definitively say that I did not like a large majority of the pieces.  I know that we were supposed to be thinking about the body, but the photos I chose were more geared toward the life that the body encounters.  I both enjoyed and appreciated Zoe Leonard's interpretation of life through photography and interesting mounting techniques 

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