September 19, 2011

Pepón Osorio

Pepon Osorio, "Trials And Turbulence", 2004

Pepon Osorio, "En La Barberia No Se Llora" 1994

mixed media and a barber chair

Pepon Osorio, "Lonely Soul", 2008

mixed media

Pepon Osorio, "A Mis Adorables Hijas", 1990

mixed media

36x78x22 inches

Pepon Osorio, "My Beating Heart", 2002

made of fiber glass, archival paper, glue and a CD player.

5x5 ft

Pepon Osorio was born in Puerto Rico in 1955. He studied at Columbia University and graduated with a Masters degree in Fine Arts in 1985. In an article written about Pepon's life and art work, the writer wrote that "Pepon Osorio began exploring conceptual art through social work, community activism, painting and stage design. Mixing aspects of his Puerto Rican and New York experiences, his work emphasizes social justice, cultural history, and identity".

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