September 21, 2011

Guillermo Gomez Pena

Sin Titulo, 2005. Using the gun to capture the attention of the audience rather than the gender of the person.
Piedad Post-Colonial 2005. Depiction of Mercy.
New Barbarians, 2005. Creative depiction of North America.
Natural Born Matones, 2005. Women and men depicted as both equal and dangerous.
En El Hall Del Genocidio, 2006. Use of American, Hispanic and native apparel.

What intrigued me to showcase Guillermo Gomez Pena was his expression of his beliefs through photographs. Immigration plays a large role in his work and it is seen in a lot of his work including New Barbarians, above. Pena seeks to inform people about real, relevant issues through his work to uncover controversial areas and applies them in controversial photographs. The main scope of his focus looks on the relations between the United States and Mexico.

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