September 20, 2011

Rona Pondick

Pink and Brown. 1992. First room: lace, ribbon, polyester stuffing, and shoes. Second room: wax.

Milkman. 1989. wax, plastic, canvas pillow, baby bottles, and shoes.

Fallen. 1991. plastic, wax, lace, and shoes.

Baby Blue. 1990. stockings, polyester stuffing, acrylic medium, and shoes.

Baby Fat. 1991.
tights, polyester stuffing, acyrlic resin, and shoes.

Rona Pondick was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1952. She received her Masters in Fine Arts at Yale and continues to work today in New York. She has been featured in a number of museums as a solo artist, including the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Morgan Library and Museum, and many more across the nation and internationally. Most of her works include shoes, pillows, metal sculptures, and even teeth.

"Pondick's figure conveys the powerlessness and psychich stresses of childhood. It also can be interpreted as a metaphor for child abuse; in this way, Pondick's art is an effort to make public a type of bodily and psychological harm that is usually hidden."

Source: Themes of Contemorary Art, 2010.

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