September 10, 2011

Jeff Koons

WORKS: Pink Panther. 1988. porcelain, Balloon Dog (yellow),1994.High chromium stainless, steel, Puppy.1992.Flowers on stainless steel structure, BMW Art Car, 2010 3D digital printed vinyl. Inflatable Plastice Elephant.1995, plastic.

Jeff Koons is a contemporary artist well known for his colorful, cute, eye catching pieces. I noticed a lot of his works are made of reflective and curvy materials that give his pieces little to no corners and a more bubbly look. Jeff Koons is responsible for numerous sculptures around the world such as The Puppy, that was originally located at the Rockefeller Center to the Rabbit in Naples, Italy. "Jeff Koons also holds a record for the most expensive piece auctioned off by a living artist, the Balloon Flower,which was sold for $25,765,204."


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