September 28, 2011

Robert Gober

 Untitled Leg, 1989-1990
Beeswax, cotton, wood, leather, human hair

Untitled, 1998
Wood, steel, latex, enamel paint

Untitled, 1999-2000
Plaster, beeswax, human hair, cotton, leather, aluminum pull tabs, enamel paint

Melted Rifle, 2006
Plaster, paint, cast plastic, beeswax, walnut, lead

Distorted Playpen, 1986
Painted wood

      "Robert Gober's meticulous sculptures explore sexuality, relationships, nature, politics, and religion. His work is often based on memories from his childhood or on familiar subject matter from around his home or studio. Sinks, doors, cribs, chairs, and body parts recur in his oeuvre."
       Gober, born in 1954, is very accomplished in the art world. He's most known for his pieces that are full-sized room installations. He always makes them in his studio by hand. It is not uncommon for him to include theatrical lighting or running water in his work. He is most well known for all of his work having excruciating detail.

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  1. I really like his pieces that show the body parts. They limbs coming off of the different things makes it more interesting for me.