September 27, 2011

Alan Rath

Triple Tongue Tree, 1998 Mixed Media
One Track Minds, 1998
Computers, software, aluminum, electronics, motors


U.S.A. 1-2-3, 1992
Mixed media


Pipes, 1997
Plastic, aluminum, electronics, speakers

Word Processor, 1986

Alan Rath's passion for electronics was relevant even as a young child. He pursued his enthusiasm for technology during his young adult years and eventually recieved his Electrical Engineering Degree at MIT. Alan Rath knew there was more to electronics than just a machine. His curiosity and passion grew to create his art form that expressed electronics with a more "life-like" purpose. Various pieces of Alan Rath are composed of speakers, LCD screens, digital counters, and robots that he sculpts puts together to create a contemporary piece of art.

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