September 27, 2011

Rona Pondick

Loveseat, 1991
Wax, shoes, plastic, wood, and lace

Ram's Head, 2000
Yellow-blue stainless steel

Dog, 1998
Aluminum Bronze

Spiral, 1992
Shoes, leather, and polyester stuffing

Monkeys, 1998
Stainless Steel

Rona Pondick, who was born and still lives in New York City, studied at Yale University School of Art. Rona Pondick’s work has been exhibited internationally and is in numerous public collections all over the country. Pondick has received many different awards and grants, some including the Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship, and the Guggenheim Fellowship. Rona Pondick’s artwork varied in materials used, and I most enjoyed the artwork relating to animal/human hybrids and tree/human hybrids.

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