November 3, 2011

Patricia Piccinini

The Comforter, 2010
silicone, fibreglass, steel, human hair and fox fur, clothing
Game Boys Advanced, 2002 silicone, polyurethane, clothing, human hair variable
Leather Landscape, 2003 silicone, polyurethane, leather, mdf, human hair

The Young Family, 2002 silicone, polyurethane, leather, human hair variable

The Long Awaited

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Bottom Feeder

About the Artist:
Patricia Piccinini (born in 1965 in Freetown, Sierra Leone) is an Australian artist and hyperrealistsculptor. Her art work came to prominence in Australia in the late 1990s. In 2003 she was selected as the artist to represent Australia at the Venice Biennale. Her major artworks often reflect her interests in issues such as bioethics, biotechnologies and the environment. Piccinini's work often anthropomorphises inanimate objects and presents them with a high degree of industrial finish, revealing the equal influence of 19th Century Surrealism and 20th Century advertising.

Piccinini works with several fabricators to produce her sculptures.


  1. The texture of the different pieces seems to be very skin like. I am also very amazed at the effort that was made with the hair that each piece has because it seems very real

  2. These sculptures are incredibly real looking. Aside from the fact that I have never seen these creatures walking around on our planet, the "realness" of the sculptures brings life to them.