November 3, 2011

Motohiko Odani

Erectro (banbi)

Erectro (Clara)

Phantom Limb



Motohiko Odani was born in Kyoto, Japan in 1972. He is known for his work in sculpture, photography, and video. His artwork investigates mutations, transformations, and melding biology and genetics with science fiction. In some of his pieces he uses designing sets, props, actors, makeup, and special effects.

I chose to do Motohiko Odani because he pieces automatically stood out to me. His art is really interesting, especially because of what he mixes together. Rompers at first I saw nothing different until I spent a minute really looking and realized her little mutations on her face. Solange, in my opinion is a beautiful piece. It's so simple yet different from normal flowers due to their black tips. Phantom Limb, is one of my favorites of his. I'm not quite sure what materials he used to make it, but I think its really cool to just look out. See how all the different spirals come together and form an object that also looks like the wind is blowing on it, making it look mobile. Erectro, both Clara and Banbi, are super cool too. It's like a futuristic form of Bambi and Alice in Wonderland. His artwork is just really fascinating to look at.


  1. I really enjoy all of the images posted. However the last, "Rompers" leaves me confused or unsure.

  2. All of the pieces has vibrant colors and extreme detail. I real he joy this artists dedication to detail.