November 21, 2011

Maurizio Cattelan

"A perfect Day"
color photography, plexiglass, aluminum
"We are the revolution"
polyester resin, wax, pigment, felt suit, metal coat rack
"Ave Maria"
polyurethane, steel, clothes, paint
taxidermized squirrel, ceramic formica, wood, paint, steel
white Carrara, marble, roman travertine
Wood, fiberglass, polyurethane rubber, fabric
Wax dummy, synthetic hair, metal
"Frank & Jamie"
Wax dummy, clothes, shoes

Maurizio Cattelan was born in Padua Italy, in 1960. He currently works in New York and Milan. He did not attend art school, he decided to teach himself the foundations of art and worked various jobs outside of the art field. His art mainly consists of the combination of sculpture and performance, he bases many of his pieces off humor and irony. "Best known for his facetious art productions, which are as surprising as they are unsettling, Maurizio Cattelan is the ultimate side liner artist, poking holes in art, art history, monumentality, and nationalism"

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