November 24, 2011

Jose Bedia

"Companero de viaje" 2011
(Mixed Media on canvas)

"Isla Esperando" 2006
(Acrylic on Canvas)

"Mujer de Frutos Diversos" 2001
(Acrylic on canvas)

"Untitled (Mi Coballende) 1997
(Oil on Canvas)

"Con el Espirtu en Alto" 2011
(oil on canvas)

Jose Beida is a powerful graphic artist that uses mixed-media drawings, paintings and site specific installations captivate viewers in a glance. He was born in Havana, Cuba in 1959 and majority of his artwork resembles his Cuban native and heritage of Hispanic, Native american, African, Afro-Cuban and European. His work has a lot of flow from his internalization of ideas with his different background's view points. He studied at the School of Art of San Alefandro in 1976 and the Superior Institute of Art, in Havana 1981. He then immigrated to Mexico in 1991 and In 1993 he moved to United States where his artwork became popular to us. Above are some of his famous and recent artwork.

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