November 3, 2011


"Hollywood at Night"

This peice is my favorite, Alexis Rockman also displayed what he called new gothic art. This peice is dark and shows destruction. I intially look at this peice and see a world that we live in and its all croshing down around us and what we use to see as a bright place will seist to exist.

Alexis Rockman is a futuristic artist, that usually paints to portray future landscape images. Often he tries to depict the relationship between humans and the culture that surround us. As time changes the environment around us will evolve and change as well, which then will allow us to react differently to our surroundings. The peices shown above are very detailed and unique, the uniqueness of the peices gives the veiwers almost a unreal thought. When I first saw these peices I intially thought they were depicting things that could only be dreamed, but Alexis Rockman wanted to depict these dream like images as a possibility for the future. Alexis Rockman considers his art work as "pop art", and i would completely agree because these pieces are so out there that there is not possible way to just walk by them and not actually observe them. They pop out to the human eye!


  1. I love the color and detail in these pieces. Very intriguing

  2. The work of this artist is vert futuristic, and mesmerizing. The longer you look at an individual piece, the more you notice. The work is intricate and creative.