November 6, 2011

Damien Hirst

"Relationships" 1991
Glass, ping ball, and paper with artist's box
"Loving look" 2004
Butterflies and household gloss on canvas

"The Kingdom" 2008
Tiger shark, glass, steel, silicone, and formaldehyde solution with steel plinth
"The Hours Spin Skull" 2008
Colored lacquer and watch face/plastic skull

"20 Pills" 2004-2005
oil on canvas

Damien First is a British artist, born on June 7th, 1965 in Bristol, UK. He was one of the most famous artists that has been recognized as a “Young British Artists” He is know for Natural History series in his art work on nature and animals. He studied at the fine arts of Goldsmith’s college and then University of London from 1986-1989. Damien’s first solo exhibition was “In and out of Love” that was held at the Woodstock street Gallery in London, 1991. After this point, many of his work was based on large virtues, dead animals and pharmacological support. One of his greatest accomplishments was when he won the Turner Prize in 1995.

"But I always liked the fact that you get these totally unacceptable images, but they're taken by a really expensive photographer, with great light, and in terms of the quality of the photograph it's a great photograph, but in terms of imagery it's unacceptable, and I like that contradiction." Damien Hirst

"But the answer to how to live is to stop thinking about it. And just to live. But you're doing that anyway. However you intellectualise it, you still just live." Damien Hirst

I just really enjoyed the above quotes Damien stated. I think it really relates to his work and gives it a much more understanding.

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