November 2, 2011

Gary Schneider

Omar, 2006
Pigmented ink on canvas
Retinas, 1998
Silver Gelatin Prints
John in Sixteen Pieces, 1996
Silver gelatin prints
Hands, 1997
Silver Gelatin Prints
Silver Gelatin Prints
Gary Schneider was born in 1977 in South Sfrica. He is most known for his installation called "Genetic self portraits". It consisted of different parts of his body and biological samples of his own DNA, chromosomes, sperm, etc. His art to me is very unique because he uses his photography skills to make these amazing pieces that represent him. His pieces of work are so simple yet so intriguing to the human eye, it's like nothing you have ever seen before. Schneider presents himself as well as the other's he has used in his art as themselves but in seperate pieces.

1 comment:

  1. The work seems to be rather simple, but at the same moment, intricate as well. The images are of life form and the human body, which surrounds us...but we do not necessarily see it in this form on a regular basis.