November 9, 2011

damien hirst

away from the flock, 1994, sheep, glass, steel
Virgin mother, 2006, bronze
The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living,1991, tiger shark,glass,steel, 5% foraldehyde solution

the dream, unicorn, 2008, glass and steel

loves paradox, cows in formaldehyde solution, 2007, glass

Damien Hirst was born on June 7, 1965 Bristol, England. He is an English artist, entrepreneur, and an art collector. He is know around the world for his unique art and he is Britain's richest living artist. His art piece sell at auctions for millions of dollars. one of his art piece listed above loves paradox was listed at auction for $7 million but unfortunately didn't sell. Virgin mother statue installed in London is one of the largest bronze art piece in the world. His choice of works of art if very different than the other artists that i have seen artwork of but it was still very interesting.


  1. I like his work because, like we talked about in class, he talks normal objects or animals and turns them into these showcase pieces. This raises the question to me about what I really consider art. Do I think it has to be created? Or can it already exist in nature? Despite these questions his art is visually appealing to me and I enjoy his work.

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