December 12, 2011


Pop It

How To Pop a Pimple On Your Cheek
-Stand in front of mirror
-lean forward with your upper body for a closer look
-turn your head to present cheek with pimple
examine pimple to see white topping, meaning maturity of pimple
-if ready or not, take your right index finder, place on pimple, check for tenderness
-with both index fingers, apply pressure to perimeter of pimple
-if no pop occurs change angle of index fingers
-brace for satisfaction, apply increased pressure to force out puss
-clean any fluids off of mirror

Bubba Gump Fishin' Boat

Coming into the class in the beginning of the semester, I thought that we would simply be making things out of clay or paper mache. Seeing what the other classes did, I realized that they were really limited to into what they could create. For us, I think that our class had the most creative projects because of how we were to conceptualize and put our own brand on each project. That's what I enjoyed most about this class. Being able to see everyone put their own stamp on each project with their own materials brought out the artist in all of us. I'm pretty pleased on the creations I made during the semester and how I was able to gross everyone out with my pimple.

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